Monthly Archives: April 2009

Pets owned by Funji

Jon’s Dixie is a snugly dog with a torso of a pig.

Mike’s Butternut and Tugs are snugly cats who love eating fancy feast.

We are animal lovers!

BBQ Party at Jon’s mansion in fantasy island

Funji team and Jeff from Kontagent had an awesome BBQ at Jon’s two story mansion in fantasy island
First of all, T-bone marinated over night, Corns with butter melted in perfectly, Potatoes wrapped when wet and baked for two hours- so good.
mansion_bbq Second of all, Jon has amazing stuff- Galag (yeah, you need to put a quarter to play) and train tracks, cute dixie, mansion_game
I have to watch Dixie when Jon is away for two weeks. Will see if she will bite me or love me!

ps. You must be wondering if we only play not making Funji app. huh?
Funji app got rejected last week from Apple and we are revising it to get approved one shot. Wait for it….wait for it…

Stupid’s day prank

After Jon came back from Stupid’s day parade…