Monthly Archives: May 2009

The cat in Funji Home

It seems like Funji friends like this cat in your room a lot. =)
Let me introduce Tugs – the cat in Funji Home.
He loves looking at shower curtains, window curtains for several hours – the photo in Funji Home is taken when he was in the shower tub.
He has his own routine – watching the curtains in the morning for two-three hours and sleep in the afternoon.
He eats inbetween. Actually he loves to eat. He is only one year old but bigger than his older brother, Butternut.
I’m so proud when I see dogs smaller than him on the street. Hope to see him getting bigger like a tiger.
This is the best posture of him I found for the intro.

Ver1.1 is up and it’s FREE for a week

Hi, everyone,
Thanks for waiting for the update. VER 1.1 is out there and it’s free for a week to celebrate Funji team winning fbFund.

Hope you enjoy the new update.
– Team Funji

Funji Home ver1.1- new features

We submitted last Friday so it will be up in the store hopefully this week.
– Dance like it’s 1989
– Chat with online Funji users
– FB connect available for uploading photos to Funji Home folder and changing status


How to use Funji Home!

You can visit iTunes store to purchase Funji here.

Funji avatar dance moves

You can dance, you can dance, everybody look at your pants.
You can visit iTunes store to purchase Funji here.

Melanie testing Funji


We’ve been testing Funji with different user group.

Melanie, 12 years old lady- so pretty!- living in New Brunswick, Canada played with Funji for several hours.

She was happy decorating her little room and changing her avatar.

Creating a virtual presence seems fun and enjoyed talking to other people in Funji community.