Funji bunny

Shinyoung: “Hey Warren, whatcha doing?”
Warren: “Working on the new game for Funji. It’s featuring the Bunny from Funji Home.”
S: “Really? Can I see?”
W: “Sure, Check it out!”


W: “Isn’t it awesome?!”
S: “…”

Coming Soon

Funji BUNNY! The final chapter in the first Funji Game Trilogy!


One response to “Funji bunny

  1. The first 2 games in the “Funji Trilogy” are currently in review! Stay tuned for info or search “Funji Float” and “Funji Flush” sometime in the next week or two 🙂 With any luck Apple will approve them.
    We’re hoping to submit “Funji Bunny” this week.
    Cobra Commander singing off!

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