Submit item artwork that you want to sell in the store!

1. Draw items or backgrounds or packages
We can NOT accept Avatar designs yet because of technical issues.

2. Scan them
Device: Scanner
Computer that is connected to the scanner

3. Revise the format of them
You can use photoshop or whatever you use for image editing.
These are limitation of resolution and format. (Size doesn’t matter)
Resolution: 75 dpi
Format: jpeg or png

4. Email to with
1) Images
2) Price

Tell us how many points will require to purchase your items.
Once the items get approved, we will give you the amount of Funji points for you to get it for free.
Also when the items is sold, you will get 20% of sales as Funji points. You get points every week depending on the total sales of your item.

Please note that Funji has a right to disapprove the images you sent and ask for revision if it doesn’t meet the requirements.
Can wait to see your item design. Show us your creativity!
– Team Funji

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