About Funji apps

Funji Home


Ready to express yourself?

Funji Home, the first avatar based social networking application only for the iPhone/iPod touch is here in the iTunes
Not only inviting your friends via email, you can also visit neighbors and see what they have. Be friends with them if you like their creation.
Don’t forget to touch your avatar. You can dance in the 80’s disco groove.

Current Features:
– Customizable avatar
– Touch reactive avatar animation
– Room decoration
– Visiting other Funji users’ room and add them as friends or message them
– Publish the room to Facebook

Funji Bunny (Homage to Frogger)


Funji Flush (Save jewels from toilet)


Funji Float (Fruit for points!)


2 responses to “About Funji apps

  1. Hi! 🙂 So just an idea for the Funji Home apps, could you guys please make a way of reading messages/chatting/foruming (is that a word?) via computer? Maybe you have to make an account on a iPod/iPhone but then you can use the whole app online too kind of thing?

    *Sigh* My dad took my iPod away, so I probably won’t be seeing you all for a while…


    ps. sorry if this is completely incoherent, it’s 3:15 in the morning here. I’m supposed to be doing homework…

    • Aw superspy! sorry to hear that. To be able to use Funji on computer is a great way for us to expand our service. However, we are not there yet…Hope to see you in Funji Home soon! keep up the good work. He will give your iPod back. 🙂

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