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Funji Home, the First Virtual Community for the iPhone and iPod, Upgrades with Version 2.0

Features Include Enhanced Interface, Greater Interactivity,
New Point System and Micro Transactions; Rewards for Current Funji Home Users

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – October 6, 2009 – Funji, Inc., an iPhone games and application developer, today announced an update to Funji Home, the first avatar-based virtual community for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Funji Home 2.0 delivers an array of new features such as a more intuitive user interface, greater interactivity, a user forum and a new point system. Funji Home 2.0 is a free social network application and is available for download now at Apple’s iTunes App Store.

First launched in May of this year, Funji Home blends custom avatars with community features for the iPhone and iPod touch, enabling users to socialize and play with their friends on the go. Version 2.0 introduces a point system for users to measure their activity and popularity and a store to purchase items with the points they’ve earned. Users can earn points by engaging in social activities, as well as via additional offers. A new forum enables users to engage in conversations on a variety of topics such as ‘my favorite app’, ‘introduce yourself’, ‘hot gossip’ and ‘friend requests’ for other games.

In addition to points and micro transactions, Funji Home 2.0 includes a number of significant improvements such as a simplified and graphically enhanced interface, more avatar interaction and better overall stability. With the new update, Funji Home users not only have more than 4,000 possible combinations to create their unique comic-book style avatar, but also can ‘shake’ the avatar to generate a random one.

Funji Home 2.0 sports higher resolution graphics and integrates the use of more icons, making it easier to navigate an increased number of features. These new features include the ability to visit the rooms of other users in order to interact through a series of animated actions. Currently, avatars can poke, tickle or high-five, with more actions planned for future upgrades. Team Funji also selects the best user-created room each week and awards promotional codes to download Funji games and books for free.

First launched in May of this year, Funji Home has quickly gained a loyal following of users who have ‘hang out’ with their friends via their iPhone and iPod Touch on a regular basis. Funji has been regularly updating items and backgrounds based on a theme such as disco hall, beach and movie set from version 1.0 to 1.4, guided in part by feedback from these early adopters. To show their appreciation, the Funji team is awarding users who downloaded previous versions with a Funji Elite badge and extra points to use for item purchases if they update to version 2.0.

“Our community of users is invaluable in helping us decide what to add next,” said Shinyoung Park, founder of Funji, Inc. “We have an incredibly creative team with many great ideas but, by interacting with people who use Funji inside of the application’s forums, as well as on Twitter and on Facebook, we are able to better prioritize new features, resulting in a ‘place’ that really cool to hang out.”

Funji Inc, is also the creator of three arcade games for the iPhone and iPod Touch – the jewel-gathering inter-plumbing fun of Funji Flush, the side-scrolling, fruit-seeking action of Funji Float,
and Funji Bunny, an homage to Frogger. Team Funji has also just released a children’s book app, Pigtails and Potbellies, an original story available only on the iPhone and iPod.

To help users expand their network of friends, Funji is encouraging users to become a “Funji Socialite”. Every week during the month of October Funji will give away an iTune Gift Card worth $10.00 USD to the first user that invites more than five friends who become registered Funji Home users. The next ten users to recruit five friends who become registered Funji Home users will receive codes to download either the Funji game application Funji Bunny, or the book app Pigtails and Potbellies for free.

About Funji
Funji, Inc is a San Francisco, CA-based developer of an animated avatar-based virtual community, Funji Home, and arcade-style game applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Founded in 2009 by Shinyoung Park, the Company was a recent recipient of the fbFund REV 09.


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