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Funji Silver/Gold/Platinum – more fun for Funji Home

Hi guys
Happy to tell you that now we have easier way to purchase points.
We just released Funji Premium apps with extra points and to unlock new avatars.

Check out @iTunes to see new avatars!

Funji Platinum ($9.99) +15,000 points with 7 new avatars


Funji Gold ($2.99) +4,000 points with 2 new avatars
Funji Silver($0.99) +2,000 points


Today’s best room – it’s all good!

Joshyo's room

Make your own room @ Funji Home!

It is from future


Waiting for Funji Home 2.0 approval, we are working on a new game this week.
Future Awesomeness – woot woot.

Today’s best room

Picture 3
Wow, so good. Nothing to say.
Congrats, Pretty devil.

Best room of this week!

Funji friends, our twin sisters. Congrats!

oreoluver and superspy




Funji Bunny – Help bunny to eat all the carrots in the world!

Avoid cars and snake. Please help Funji Bunny to eat all the carrots in the world.
Homage to Frogger. Check it out at the app store.

The best room of this week

1. Babyxpanda


2. Babygirl33


3. Nina-nina


Congrats guys. You rock!

Shake to create a random avatar

Available in Funji Home 2.0 for FREE.
Create your avatar, decorate your room and visit others to make new friends.
The more friends you have, the more points you earn.

Your mission in Funji Home Ver2.0

Funji Home 2.0 – the new hotness has been submitted a minute ago.
We’ve been talking to users and learned a lot and will keep learning.
2.0 is based on the experience we had since May 22, the first day Funji Home was release.
We had errors and issues. We learned a lot from them.
Hope you enjoy the new hotness soon.

The mission in Funji Home 2.0.
Be popular in Funji world.
More popular you are, more points you earn. You get better items to show off to others.
Make friends and invite friends to Funji world! Popularity can not happen if you are alone.