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Today’s best room – it’s all good!

Joshyo's room

Make your own room @ Funji Home!

Today’s best room

Picture 3
Wow, so good. Nothing to say.
Congrats, Pretty devil.

Funji Float – the first minigame by Funji

Check FUNJI FLOAT out this weekend.
Fruit for points!

The best room of this week

1. Babyxpanda


2. Babygirl33


3. Nina-nina


Congrats guys. You rock!

Your mission in Funji Home Ver2.0

Funji Home 2.0 – the new hotness has been submitted a minute ago.
We’ve been talking to users and learned a lot and will keep learning.
2.0 is based on the experience we had since May 22, the first day Funji Home was release.
We had errors and issues. We learned a lot from them.
Hope you enjoy the new hotness soon.

The mission in Funji Home 2.0.
Be popular in Funji world.
More popular you are, more points you earn. You get better items to show off to others.
Make friends and invite friends to Funji world! Popularity can not happen if you are alone.

Funji Team enjoys junks

We’ve been eating at Whole Foods too much, same old sammies and salads.
Personally, I can’t stand the smell of Whole foods anymore. It has been over 7 months.

For a change, we went to Safeway – duh- and got some junks.
I know, not creative at all.
Any good ideas what to eat in hot summer days and nights?

Funji 1.3 – a tip to have more visitors in your room

Hello, it’s Funji.

Now you can see number of visitors and number of ppl who liked your room.
Wondering how to get more visitors?


Decorate and publish your room often!
Every time you publish your room, it will show up as a first room in Neighbors. 😉
If you have any questions or need more tips having fun in Funji, let us know!

The cat in Funji Home

It seems like Funji friends like this cat in your room a lot. =)
Let me introduce Tugs – the cat in Funji Home.
He loves looking at shower curtains, window curtains for several hours – the photo in Funji Home is taken when he was in the shower tub.
He has his own routine – watching the curtains in the morning for two-three hours and sleep in the afternoon.
He eats inbetween. Actually he loves to eat. He is only one year old but bigger than his older brother, Butternut.
I’m so proud when I see dogs smaller than him on the street. Hope to see him getting bigger like a tiger.
This is the best posture of him I found for the intro.